Add-On Services:



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Engine Bay Detail:

This service includes:

Engine Bay degreased

Soft brush to agitate stubborn dirt/grease.

Compressed/forced air dry

plastics dressed to give a matte/sheen finish

Why choose this service?

Stuck on dirt will be removed

Leaves and other foreign objects removed

Create a "new" look again


Estimated time: 1 hour


Engine Bay_edited.jpg

Trim Restoration:

This service includes:

Running boards, cowl hood trim and more will be intensely cleaned. 

All pieces will be returned to an original black/gray color

**A Ceramic coating to be applied for further longevity.**

Why choose this service?

Old faded trim will be revitalized and look like they just came off the lot!

Estimated time: dependent on the amount of trim pieces restored

Priced per job


Left = Original                                   

Middle = Restored                             

Right = Restored/Ceramic Coated

Windshield Coating:

This service includes:

Front glass to be cleaned and lightly polished to have a smooth surface.

A specialized ceramic coating for glass substrates applied


Why choose this service?

Better visability

Less glare

Dramatic loss in wiper usage

Increase safety in heavy rains and rushing water

that is tossed at your vehicle

Estimated time: 1 hour


Tire Coating:

This service includes:

Tires heavily degreased/cleaned

Long term tire "coating" applied

Why choose this service?

Your tires can be cleaned with car soap

No use of harsh chemicals

Tires look dressed for months*


Estimated time: 1.5+ hour


Headlight Restore:

This service includes:

Faded/dull and oxidized lenses are sanded and

polished to achieve full clarity.

Sealed with a ceramic coating.

Why choose this service?

Headlamps don't have to be replaced.

Road lighting increased

Visibility increased


Estimated time: 1 hour



Wheel Coatings:

This service includes:

Wheel faces and barrels thoroughly cleaned

Wheel faces ceramic coated

**Wheels Off Package**

Why choose this service?

Brake dust and dirt will be easily rinsed off and washed 

away with ease.

**Wheels removed**

**Entire wheel coated**


Estimated time: 1 hour

                                      **3+ hours**


** $ per inspection**

wheel and calip_edited_edited.png